Sunday, July 10, 2011

Froggy's Cavity

I wrote this story in 2008 when I was in 1st grade and it is typed just the way I wrote it, with only spelling corrections.

Froggy the yellow frog is extremely weird.  He went to the park to play with his brown friend Potato.  They went up the wet stairs.  They played the giant tic-tac toe and they went down the damp slide.  Froggy and Potato both got their feet hurt on the wood.  After that they went to the dentist to get their teeth checked.  Then Froggy found out that he had a cavity!  They ran home to tell their mom.  Froggy tried to to tell his mom but she wouldn't listen.  So he left his mom in the kitchen and went up stairs to brush his teeth five times but his cavity didn't go away!  On his way down stairs he saw something surprising.  Froggy found a clay tooth brush on the stair railing.  Then two steps down he found a drill to fix cavities.  Then on the last step he found a dentist for fixing his tooth!  Froggy knew he had to go back to the dentist.  He went back to the kitchen to tell his mom.  But she still wouldn't listen because she was too busy making a new recipe of fly soup.  After that Potato came out from the kitchen.  They decided to drive the toad truck.  But it was out of gas! So they went by feet.  They got so tired that they plunked against a tree and went to sleep.  When they woke up they forgot where they were!  They were so tired they didn't see the path right in front of them!  When they banged their head against a big giant tree they saw the path and went all the way to the dentist.  They saw the sign on the door and it said sorry we are closed.  Froggy's cavity felt like it was going to kill him.  Froggy sobbed and wailed and cried all the way home.  Froggy and Potato went to sleep but Froggy could not go to sleep because his cavity bothered him too much.  As soon as the dentist opened Froggy and Potato were there.   The dentist fixed Froggy's tooth and gave him a new toothbrush.  From now on Froggy brushes his teeth twice a day.  The End.

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